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Artifical ice skating sticks / ice hockey training equipment

UHMWPE Profile

Ultra High Molecular weight polyethylene ,it is commonly abbreviate UHMWPE, is a subset of thermoplastic engineering plastic,it has extremely long chains with a molecular mass usually between 2-6 million.

UHMWPE retains key physical properties and high impact strength, even at low temperature down to -200 degrees C. This excellent general purpose plastic with self lubricating properties offers noise reduction and low friction surface.

The advantage of UHMWPE

1. Wear-resistance

2. Impact resistance

3. Self-lubrication
UHMWPE has a very low coefficient of friction(0.05-0.11),so that it has a very good self-lubrication.

4. Corrosion resistance
UHMWPE has excellent resistance to chemicals,in addition to the strong oxidizing acid,in a certain temperature and the concentration range of competence of various corrosive medium (acid,alkali,salt) and various organic media.

5. Absorb impact energy
UHMWPE has excellent shock absorption,impact energy absorption value is the highest in all plastic,and it has a excellent effect of the silencer.

6. Low temperature resistance
UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance,and can be used as a low temperature component in the nuclear industry because of its still have the ductility at low temperature (-269℃).

7. Hygiene and no toxicity
UHMWPE sanitary non-toxic,fully comply with the standards of the Japanese Health Association,and the United States Food and Drug Administration and the United States Department of Agriculture approved,can be used to contact the food and drug.

8. Not easy adhesion
UHMWPE surface adsorption force is very weak, its ability to resist adhesion to the plastic is next only to the best PTFE, so the surface of the product and other materials are not easy to stick.

9. Hydrophobic property
UHMWPE water absorption rate is very low, generally less than 0.01%, only 1% of PA6, and therefore do not need to dry before processing.

10. Tensile strength
As the UHMWPE has the necessary structural characteristics of the super tension orientation, so there is no comparable ultra-high tensile strength, its tensile strength up to 3 - 3.5GPa.

What is uhmwpe plastic artifical ice skating rink ?

Synthetic ice hockey rink is composed of plastics that are made of polymer materials, but the cost is only 1/5 to 1/3 times of real ice rink, low cost of maintenance, low energy consumption, due to its unmatched skating performance, ease of install, safety, durability and versatility, it is very suitable for the place of real ice, and can be vigorously promoted.

How about our artifical ice stick ?

Our synthetic ice rink is recommended for indoor and outdoor use and performs beautifully in extreme hot and cold temperatures, enhance your hockey or figure skating training for less cost. As with Huao synthetic ice rink, any hockey playing, skating, play floorball, training, and it can be laied in kindergarten, primary school, public place, personal place.

Our synthetic ice rink is offered the most popular DL dovetail contaction style which makes installation vand removal very quick and simple, use of the DL will allow for a wide variety of installation shapes to fit specific needs, and it can give you a safety glide environment.

Our technology is one of the top of synthetic ice rink in China, and we can only sell our synthetic ice boards, we can take packaging services, and maybe you can be our agent tomorrow.

The standard size of Huao artifical ice board


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