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• Company Overview
Century Minds Pvt Ltd Security Systems, Inc. is a globally owned, full service security integration company based in Richmond, Virginia. We have been in business since many years specializing in burglar, fire, CCTV surveillance systems, card access systems and 24-hour monitoring services for alarms. We provide a wide range of services that include new security system installations, maintenance and enhancements to existing systems. We take great pride in our ability to partner with our customers to design customized security systems that are tailored to their unique needs at competitive prices. Century Minds Pvt Ltd Security Systems is an acknowledged leader for innovative security service surveillance solutions. Over the past 12 years, we have built our reputation on our ability to customize our solutions to address the unique needs of our customers. Complementing our extensive line of high quality products, Third I Security Systems offers industry leading warranties and lifetime technical support of our products and has served well over many customers in the India alone, including small businesses, large corporations, dealer and integrator partners, government, law enforcement, and the military.
Customer Services
Depending on your customer’s type of business, their usage requirements for security solutions may vary. Almost every business can make use of security for traditional solutions, such as site surveillance, intrusion detection, incident recording, and so forth. But some businesses and industries have unique usage models or business requirements that can benefit from today’s more advanced security system capabilities.There’s never been a more urgent need for comprehensive security and surveillance solutions to augment our human resources. Because we can’t be everywhere and see everything that’s going on around us, we need tools to help. So our systems provide Traditional security and surveillance systems function like additional sets of eyes, helping us keeps watch over multiple locations simultaneously using remote cameras and centrally located CCTV monitors. Digital technology has transformed this concept into something much more robust, with software that can analyze what’s happening on the screen and proactively alert authorities when something isn’t quite right.
o Traditional building surveillance:
Providing security for public and private facilities continues to expand and now includes setting up site surveillance temporarily.
o Mobile surveillance:
Watching over the actions in and around vehicles and transportation systems, including police vehicles, emergency response equipment, cars, buses, planes and trains.

o Intelligent traffic control:
Proactively and reactively responding to traffic related events, devices such as highway onramp meters, toll collection systems, red-light traffic cameras and other “intelligent” traffic control devices are part of a growing usage model for cctv systems.
o Business intelligence:
CCTV systems can now intelligently gather and analyze business operational data as well anonymous information about customer traffic patterns, demographics, and sales conversion rates.

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