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* Removes cooking oil stains within few seconds, with ought scrubbing.
* De-Stain is a multi purpose cleaner, on various dilutions with water.
* Hard water compatible and ecofriendly.
* De-Stain contains "Dimethyl carbinol" for better sanitation.
* DeStain is suitable for MnCr alloys, High carbon Steels, High Speed steels, sintered components and other Fe alloys.

De-Stain is heavy - duty alkaline cleaning solution for household and other commercial kitchen applications.
In diluted form, De-stain is excellent for ceramics, all kinds of flooring, plastics, metals.

How to use:- Spray / apply directly on the oil contaminated surface and wait for 30 seconds or more time to get it loosened. Wipe it with a wet cloth or rinse.
Types of applications:- Light-duty Cleaning, General Cleaning, Pressure washing, Floor Cleaning, Heavily Soiled Surface, Kitchen Floors, Engines De-greasing, Grease Filters, Wax Strippers
De-Stain contains Dimethyl carbitol for better sanitation.

Available Packings :- 500ml spry, 5 Ltr, 35 Ltr, 210 Ltr.

Industrial version is available for washing machine for pressure washing, without foaming to achieve millipore value. DeStain is suitable for 16MnCr5, 20MnCr, High carbon Steels, High Speed steels, sintered components and other alloys. Industrial version is without " Dimethyl carbitol".

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