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The Company Industrial Machinery Corporation has been set up by a group of professionals and is engaged in the various mining activities in Iron Ore in India for last Seven years and 22 years in Crusher & Screening Plant. The company is engaged in the following activities with high quality of performance and complete customer satisfaction:

Deep hole drilling and blasting.
Excavation of both ore and over burden.
Transportation or ore/overburden from mining face to crusher site/screening site/screening plant/dumps.
Operational and maintenance of screening and crusher plants in the mining area.
Supplying various quality metal chips of all sizes as per market requirement

About Us

The company INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CORPORATION started its journey with little but confident steps as an iron ore mining contractor in Barbil belt in Orissa. Little but wide experience, excellent understanding to apply new technologies, strict quality control and delivery of service in time made the company one of the reliable in the field. Soon after within one year it enlarged its capacity threefold and widened its area of service to Andra Pradesh and other adjacent mininig rich areas in that state. The strategy for the years up to 2007 underlined the continued importance of focusing on building a profitable and sustainable business platform for its future development. After achieving its goals successfully as a contractor and on the wealth of experience and expertise garnered in this sector, it planned to venture in to aggregate and Quartzite mining in the capacity of mine contractor. Self belief, strong determination, disciplined work strategy along with bird eye analysis to remove it’s weakness at regular interval and focusing on the strengths it gained during the journey, enabled us to materialize the dreams come to be true on ground reality. Now we have the capacity to Excavate 650000 MT per Month with certain possibility to expand the same by the passage of time. Though the prime area of expertise is mining and incidental activities pertaining to the mining, it entered in another important business activity of trading Iron & Steel products. We take every pride while mentioning the fact that performance of the company even in its very initial stage, was surprisingly outstanding as this contributed more than expectation. Motivated by this awesome performance, there was no option left instead to take it seriously and treating this too, as prime business along with mining

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