JEETEKNO - Dehradun

Dealing in Forestry and Wildlife Equipments in India such as Trail Cameras, Camera Trap, Night Vision, Laser Range Finder, Spotting Scopes, Densiometer, Time Lapse Camera Trap, Snake Tongs, GLOBE Soil Color Chart, Munsell Soil Color Chart, Tree Caliper, Mist Nets for Birds and Bats, Pesola Scales, Bat Detector, 3 D Printer, Solar Laptop, LED Projector, Haga Altimeter, Relaskop, Ravi Multimeter, Abney Level, Ranging Rod, Increment Borer, Rechargeable Solar Kit for Laptop and Cameras, Mobile Phone Booster for Forests, Metal Detector, Camping Stove that can charge Mobile in Field, Tents and Sleeping Bags, Lights and Headlamp.

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Dehradun, Uttarakhand


Phone : 919897800710

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