Mineral water& Soft drink PET bottles PET Preform Molds - Delhi

Mineral water& Soft drink PET bottles PET Preform Molds
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Mould material: S136.
HS Code:8480790090

Cavity: 96

Runner: Hot

Design software:PROE, UG, CAD, CAM,CAE etc.

Mould life: 2,000,000 shots/cav

Delivery time: 45days

our PET Preforms mold adopt the valve gate(shut-off) design, in which each cavity has its own heating zone and temperature is measured by independent thermo couple. So some old traditional problems such as left white marks or drawbench on bottom are easily avoided. Mould is produced automatically to save labor force.

The hardness of components HRC48-HRC50.

the wall thickness difference between is not more than 0.10mm (length

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