We are offering Vedic Astrological and Vastu service with solutions:
1. Horoscope or Natal chart service
2. Kundali Matchmaking or Kundali Milan or Horoscope Matchmaking service
3. Palmistry or palm reading service
4. Horoscope reading service
5. Computerised horoscope service
6. Manual horoscope service
7. Medical or health astrology service
8. Financial astrology or wealth astrology service
9. Love and marriage astrology service
10. Property astrology service
11. Education astrology service
12. Child issue and astrology service
13. Marriage life and marriage issue thought astrology service
14. Partnership and astrology service
15. Death or illness thought astrology service
16. Mother and father problem thought astrology service
17. Carrier and business astrology service
18. Service and job astrology service
19. Loss or fall down or financial lost thought astrology service
20. Business loss and growth thought astrology service
21. Unexpected loos and growth service
22. All types of problem and solution thought astrology service
23. Remedial solution thought Vedic astrology service
24. Lucky gemstone and Bhagya Ratna solution thought astrology service
25. Numerology report and problem solutions service
26. Palm reading palmistry report with solution service
27. Face reading, problems and remedial solutions service
28. Any type of problem and solution service

Dr. Dipakbhai Jyotishacharya (Authentic Astrologer and Vastu Consultant)
• Ph.D. in Astrology ( M.S. University )
• Jyotish Acharya ( M.S. University )
• Jyotish-Vaastu Shastri ( M.S. University )
• Jyotish Visharad ( M.S. University )
• Yajurvedagna ( Madhyandiniya-Sukla )
• Jyotish Gyata (N.A.S.)
Jyotish Shastra is known as of astrology and Astrology is an ancient Vedic science and eye of Veda. It is calculation based predictive science of planets and stars. You can understand all about your good and bad periods. Also, understand obstacles in your fortune and critical problems will come in future and can take precautions and have remedies. It is very ancient Vedic astrology from Vedas and more than 28,000 of years old for documented fact (See Bhartiya Jyotish Page No. 28). However, it has been born with VEDA.
For the last 15 years ''PARASHAR JYOTISHALAYA'' is serving the individual, family, societies, NRIs, and different corporate as well as all segment of the people. More than 5,000 beneficiaries are directly associated with ''PARASHAR JYOTISHALAYA'' due to their personal betterment & fruitful experience.
Dr. Deepakbhai Jyotishachayra holds prestigious Doctorate degree (Ph. D.) In Astrology from The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara. He is born in a traditional Pure Vedic & Religious Priest family. A Unique combination of the Traditional Pure Vedic customs and modern contemporary education system for perfection & social needs for human beings. Contact Us: Head Office: ''PARASHAR JYOTISHALAYA'' SHOP NO. LG/4, EMPEROR TOWER, NEAR CITI BANK, DAMAN ROAD, CHALA, VAPI-396191 Branch Office: ''PARASHAR JYOTISHALAYA'' A-LIG-1, NO. 40/395, 1ST FLOOR, NEAR RAJA-RANI VADA PAV, GUNJAN CIRCUL, GIDC, VAPI-396195 (GUJARAT, INDIA). Contact: +91 9824141723 / 9227799222 Email: [email protected] website:

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