QFORD BOOKS - Ghaziabad

QFORD - is the premiere publisher and provider of top quality motivational, instructional, and personal development products, materials, experiences, and events that improve peoples’ lives.
QFORD started with a small dream in August 1999 and became a full-fledged business (and passion) by 2003.
It all started with one very special book (i.e. Dare To Fail) and with patience, persistence, and intenseness. Now QFORD has grown to publish fifty books — with more on the way.
QFORD is proud of its simple beginnings and the place it holds in the genre of personal development.
QFORD’s pledge is to bring to the world good books — books that inspire, help, encourage, and dare. By reading our books, you’ll learn how to:

* Motivate yourself.

* Raise your energy levels.

* Use creative visualization.

* Develop personal initiative and self-discipline.

* Employ organized thinking and concentrate your effort.

* Be your own boss.

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